CBD oil 5% + 15%

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CBD Oil 5%
  • 10ml bottle ≈ 250 drops = 500mg of CBD
  • 1 drop = 2mg CBD
CBD Oil 15%
  • 10ml bottle ≈ 250 drops = 1500mg of CBD
  • 1 drop = 6mg CBD
Why choose Royal Organics?
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Improve your well-being with our Premium CBD oil capsules. The superior formula developed by Royal Organics contains a wide range of beneficial natural compounds that will help you improve your overall well-being. Our oils are created under strict controls that ensure the production of extracts of the highest quality. The hemp plants used for its creation are grown exclusively organically, this results in a totally natural and environmentally friendly product.

CBD oil promotes stimulation of the endocannabinoid system, helping to balance and calm both the mind and body. At Royal Organics we use the most advanced CO2 extraction process, which is widely recognized as the best method to produce CBD extracts with the highest quality. Thanks to this superior extraction process, our CBD oils retain all the natural properties and beneficial components that the wonderful hemp plant offers us.

  • Premium CBD extracted from organically grown natural hemp.
  • Totally THC-free
  • Daily Wellness Support
  • Great flexibility when it comes to increasing or reducing the dose
  • Recommended for beginner users


CBD Oil 5% [500mg CBD]

  • Hemp extract (Cannabis Sativa L.):
    • 500mg CBD
    • 0.00mg THC – Totally THC Free
  • MCT Coconut Oil

CBD Oil 15% [1500mg CBD]

  • Hemp extract (Cannabis Sativa L.):
    • 1500mg CBD
    • 0.00mg THC – Totally THC Free
  • MCT Coconut Oil


CBD Oil 5% [500mg CBD] – SEE PRODUCTO

CBD Oil 15% [1500mg CBD] – SEE PRODUCTO


The secrets of cannabinoids are extensive. After many years of study, scientists still know very little about how cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and other complex systems and organs in our bodies. Determining the specific mechanisms that produce cbd’s wide range of beneficial effects on the human body could take even a few more years. The research published to date is very encouraging and will end up revealing all the benefits that CBD gives us.

5 reviews for CBD oil 5% + 15%

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